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More then 15 years of experience on the Marketing, Logistic and Operation areas for the Industrial and Consumer Goods Industries. My professional experience has been based on designing, implementing and measuring Marketing, Logistic and Operation strategies in order to increase the business performance of the organizations I have worked for.

Currently living in Mérida, Yucatán, México.


Work Experience

Period: From August 2013 // Current
Enterprise: azulpavo.com
Azul Pavo is a Marketing, e-Marketing, Design, Communication and Training Consultancy Firm.
I participated in the creation of this company with a couple more experienced partners in the Sales and Marketing Industry.
We have focused our efforts on generate demand processes as well as marketing solutions.
Position & Main Functions:
I am in charge the company sales processes which include, prospection, contacting, negotiating and developing business solutions for the customers.
My main challenge is to increase client revenues with creative marketing strategies.

Calle 42 and Dulce Veneno are two online stores of my property.

Period: From April 2009 – August 2013
Enterprise: Ecoingenium
Position & Main Functions: Sales Administrator responsible for Energy, Security and Environmental diagnosis.
1. Responsible for the personnel recruiting and training to perform energy tasks.
2. Responsible for the administration and operation of the company.
Results Achieved:
1. Become the first Energy and Environment Consultancy firm in the Yucatan Peninsula.
2. CONUEE (Comisión Nacional para el Uso Eficiente de la Energía) has given the license to be the only company capable to create federal assessments in energy efficiency in the entire Yucatan Peninsula.
3. Become the second company in Mexico (Country) capable to perform federal assessments in energy quality.
4. Become the second company in Mexico (Country) capable to perform federal assessments in environment impact.
5. First company that is recommended by PROFECO (Federal Consumer Bureau) to challenge CFE (Federal Commission of Electricity) to perform fair judgments with consumers.
6. Ecoingenium has being the first lecturer in Bioclimatic Architecture in:
6.1. Architecture College Association
6.2. Civil Engineering Association
6.3. Universidad Marista
6.4. This has been as pro bono work in order to perform social conscience of the environmental impact of new developments.

Period: From January 2000 – October 2008
Enterprise: C&T Automotive
Position & Main Functions: Marketing & Strategic Planning Director, responsible of planning, designing, budget control and measuring the results of the Marketing and Sales Strategies.
Results Achieved:
1. The definition of their operational strategies and a value proposition to face the new market needs.
2. The creation of a Customer Relationship Management approach that included making use of new techniques to increase their customer knowledge and their selling effectiveness.
3. We obtained the following results: Profits increased in 10%, customer satisfaction in 30% and market share in 10%.I have also reduced marketing costs by 50%.

Period: From 1994 to 1999
Business Organization: Andersen Consulting (Currently known as Accenture)
Position & Main Functions: Experienced Consultant, after a career of 5 years I was responsible to design, implement and measure projects of over $1´000,000 USD that included the supervision of more than 10 team members.
Results Achieved:
During my professional career at Andersen Consulting, I participated in several projects, that are described as it follows:

Client: Ford Motor Company.
Project Name: Sales, Marketing, Logistics and Administrative Areas Reengineering Proposal Design and Implementation.
Results Achieved:
1. Proposal sold, represented a total sale of $2 Million of USD over two years.
2. Ford Dealers have increased their sales and their customer satisfaction up to 50%.
3. Logistic and Marketing processes were created to ensure the delivery of outstanding customer value and to support Ford’s overall CRM Strategy.
4. Strategic Planning Processes were implemented, such as value proposition, marketplace analysis, customer insight and message management.
5. This project generated more than 2 million USD in fees for Andersen Consulting.

Client: Grupo ECE (Holding of Hard Rock, Rainforest, All Star & Planet Hollywood Cafe’s)
Project Name: Go to Market Strategy Design and Implementation
Results Achieved:
1. The supplier contracting processes were redeveloped to increase the development of new products to face the market needs
2. Inventory in process was reduced from three months to two weeks and production lead times were reduced by 40% to face Customer needs
3. New selling approaches were proposed and implemented and sales were increased by 20%.
4. The fees generated in this client by Andersen Consulting were a total of 2.5 million USD in consulting fees over one year.

Client: Volkswagen Mexico
Project Name: Spare Parts Fulfill Demand Project (SAP SD/MM implementation responsible)
Results Achieved:
1. Volkswagen was able to face the challenge of delivering New Beetle parts to the North American, Latin American and Europe Regions, since Mexico is the only manufacturing plant for the New Beetle
2. Sales and Distribution processes became leaner and more customer oriented.
3. This project generated more than 3 million USD for Andersen Consulting in consulting fees over two years.

Client: Texas Instrument – United States.
Project Name: Sales and Distribution Process Design and ERP Implementation SAP SD/MM
Results Achieved:
1. The Sales and Distribution Processes Designed were set as a standard Best Practices for the Electronic Industry
2. The implementation was done remotely in a record time of 9 and a half weeks.

Client: Andersen Consulting Cincinnati, USA.
Project Name: Chemical Industry Sales and Distribution Processes and ERP SAP templates
Results Achieved:
1. The Sales and Distribution Processes developed became part of Andersen Consulting Value Proposition and Best Practices for the Chemical Industry

Client: Cable System International, Phoenix, USA.
Project Name: Sales and Distribution Processes Design and ERP SAP Implementation
Results Achieved:
1. Since I created innovative sales processes, I became a key player for further Sales and Distribution Processes Design

Client: Andersen Consulting Chicago, USA.
Project Name: Pharmaceutical Industry Sales and Distribution Processes and ERP SAP templates
Results Achieved:
1. The Sales and Distribution Processes developed became part of Andersen Consulting Value Proposition and Best Practices for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Period: From 1989 to 1994
Business Organization: Laser Informática S.A. de C.V.
Position: Sales and Marketing Manager, this included opening and handling sales accounts (still Operational and Profitable).
Results Achieved:
1. I opened a family business
2. I created the hardware and software selling proposition through an account based targeting approach.
3. The major accounts consolidated were TELMEX, CFE and government organizations. The business is still up and running with increasing sales

Period: From 1987 to 1989
Business Organization: Promotora y Urbanizadora de Yucatán
Position: System Analyst
Results Achieved:
1. It was my first job and I was in charge of the communications and hardware maintenance support


Instituto Tecnológico de Mérida – Industrial Engineering Graduate

Universidad Ibero Americana – Minor in Marketing

Business English Lenguage Skilled

Chinese Lenguage – On Course (Level 3 – by Hanban)  (HSK – 2)

Other skills

Customer Relationship Management -Andersen Consulting University– (HBS)

Selling Effectiveness – Andersen Consulting University – (HBS)

Process Excellence Principles- Michael Hammer – Andersen Consulting University

Implementing Business Strategies–Andersen Consulting University

Business Practices Course–Andersen Consulting University

Andersen Consulting Client Engagement Training –Andersen Consulting University

SAP/R3 Materials Management-Sales and Distribution Certified Consultant



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